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GaggalacktiXVibes 1 (Free Download)

by Various Artists (Sangoma Records)



Free music for free people! Freaky gathering for freaky people
In 2016, the Gaggalacka festival is going to celebrate its 15th anniversary! Reason enough for us to invite all of you for an accoustic ride through the musical facets of the festival in form of this Compilation Trilogy.
As the result of a collaboration with our favorite labels Sangoma Records, Purple Hexagon Records as well as Glitchy.Tonic.Records we will be able to offer you a comprehensive overview of all the varieties of psychedelic music that is being offered at a regular base during the 3-day-festival.
We managed to fill not less than 3 compilations and more than 3 hours of what we consider a tasty pick of Psytrance, Twilight, Twisted and Forest, reaching out far into the more experimental sounds of Psygressive, PsyTechno, Glitch and Downbeats. Partially, the tracks are contributions from upcoming artists who have been part of the recently launched Gaggalacka Tour. So keep your eyes and ears open for Psychedelic Sound Engineers of the future..

Part 2 OUT on Purple Hexagon
Part 3 soon on Glitchy Tonic

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released March 7, 2016

Compiled by Gaggalacka DJ´s Merry:), sG4rY and friends

Mastered by Robert Hundt aka. Radioactive.Cake @ Anti-Logic Berlin
Track 3 - mastered by Benjamin Klingemann aka. Drumatik
Track 10 - mastered by EVP @ Wild Mastering

Artwork by Emiel – Sangoma Records

Here is a brief overview of the artists who have supported the recent Gaggalacka parties in the last years with their music or DJ-sets, until 2016 (in alphabetical order)

Abshalom, Ada, Akbal, Alaba$$$tar, Ali.3n, Alpha, Amino, Amuzing The Freak, Analogue Audio Association, Android Spirit, Ankur, Anneli, Ant, Antigen, Aodioiboa, Ashaeon, Ashiana, Ashkii, Astronom, Aztek Project, Babo Don Gmork, Gmorkon, Back To Mars, Balu, Bastel, Benix, Bonfire, Boom Shankar, Brian, Brotherys, Bull, Bustle, Cpt. Specht, Cannibal Crow, Caro Sunshine, Carstus Maximus, Caveman, Chico, ChillinBerlin, Chinaski, Chromatone, Chuha, Clocharg, Constructor, ConUnDrum, ConXion, Creatrix, Da-La, Daksinamurti, Dantrex, DD Dubster, Der Gelbe Wahnfried, Deva, Diavolo, Die Behüteten, Digital Kaos, Ding Dong, Dion, Dirty Saffi, Doc.Schock, Don Diego, Dorian Day, Dr. Changra, Dr. Escher, Druckdruff, Drumatik, Dsompa, Dust, Eko, ElektroEngel, Elec´Trigger, Elfenklatscher, Erdling, Fabiuz, Feenstaub, Floaty, Fr3ktalis, Gandalf, Geocode, Gestörtebekers, Goaman, Grobmann, Hal-Jam, Halunke, Hannelore Dorschkopp, Hans Dunkelkammer, Hanuman, Hieb & Stichfest, Iguana, Indigo, Iken, Impuls.e, Influxx, Ionixx, Jairam, Jakob Moor, Jonathom, Jo-Naz, Jojodyne, Joshi, Katjuscha, Kelevra Bazti, Khomatica, Khopat, KiBa, Kikx, Knilch, Knizpel, Kopfkasperle, Koszki, Krisae, Kya, Lake & Twister, Lala, Largo, Lars Goldammer, Leo, Liese, Liquid Dub, LSDj 25, LX-D, Loalita, Löschi, Löwenherz, LowKey, LU, Lüder, Luki, Lunar Vegetarian, Mademoiselle ChaOz, Manaproject 2012, Marc Mindtune, Master Margherita, Mata Hari, Mazzatapek, Meister Eder, Merry:), MerrySpace, Metron, Miazu, Miss Verständnis, Mjutephorb, Mlle Vitale, Moarice, MO, Momo, Mondero, Morphonix, Mr. Soundso, Muttermilch, Naima, Naked Tourist, Nem, Nesjaja, Neuronoise, Neuronom,, Nocti Luca, Noctilus, Nstomp, Nuky, Nyama, Nyima, Oddicon, Ogrim[izer], Olga Akbal, Olien, Ondrej Psyla, P.Schock, Padawan, Pandorah, Papa Gott, Paratox, Patara, PD Pappenheimer, Peace-Ka, Petz, Philoso, Phil.Panda, Pi Paradox, Polly, Protonica, Psilohead, Psycrow, Psydan, Psykaholiks, Ptschela, Radioactive.Cake, Rakete, Ralle aus Halle, Random, Raoul, Raupe, Rauschzeichen, Rev, René, Riksha, Riskat, Rudegirl, Rukh, S-Ayin, Saali, Saffix, Saltaux, Schraeger, Schwa, Sebastian F., sG4rY, Shakesphere, Shantinath, Shawnodese, Shima, Shiva Joerg, Shockrocket, Slide, Smartside, Snackshop, Sofa-Sync, Soladria, Solaris, Solar Sound Network, Son Of Nyx, Soth, Space Daddy, Spacekicca, Spacekraut, Spell, Steffen, Strix Aluco, Subjects In PsychoSpace, Substan, Superjuice, Swabedoodah, Synthetik Chaos, T.A.C.T.A., Tapas, Tara Putra, Tatonka, The Age Of Kali, The Moodman, The Project Sketch, Tickets, Trevor, Tryambaka, Tschan, TV, Unkraut DeLuxe, UrbaNature, V.C. Meta, Waterling, Whicked Hayo, Wongar, Xerion, Yara, Zeitgeist, Zero Degree, Zettpunkt, Zwielicht.

Thanx to you all !!!



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The South African Label Timecode Records was established in 2002. Since then has grown into one of the most respected and influential labels on the global trance scene, creating a certain style later labeled as "Twilight" and leading to an explosion in the mid 2000's. Sangoma Recs a sub-label of South Africa’s Timecode Records to release psychedelic music without definitions and boundaries. ... more

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