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  1. Astral Elevation
    Diksha (Sangoma)

  2. Blue Sangoma Sounds
    Various Artists ( Sangoma in collaboration with Blue Hour Sounds)

  3. Sacred Places

  4. Liberty Capsule EP (Timecode)
    Distant Touch

  5. Seems Legit

  6. Shinan EP (Sangoma)

  7. Tropical Arctic
    Frosty Fennic (Sangoma)

  8. Android Spirit - Synthetic Organism
    Android Spirit

  9. Here and Now EP (Sangoma)

  10. Ironic Creatures compiled by Izzy & Cosinus (Sangoma)
    Various Artists

  11. Native Intentions compiled by Starling, Emiel & Jafar
    Various Artists

  12. Spirit Voices compiled by Gata Freak & Daksinamurti
    Various Artists /Sangoma (SANGCD04)

  13. Trip Tonight EP

  14. Wild Side EP (Timecode EP013)

  15. Timecode Anestetic

  16. The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life compiled by LeoHawk (Extended Version)
    Various Artists (Sangoma CD05)

  17. Shanti Jatra Vol II Shamans & Healers compiled by Daksinamurti
    Various (Shanti Jatra Music/ Sangoma)

  18. User Guide EP
    Primordial Ooze

  19. Omen remix (Free DL)
    Tickets & Rubix Cube

  20. Sheer Liquid Wonderment EP

  21. Breath of the Universe EP
    Universcience / Sangoma (TSANEP01)

  22. Android Wave compiled by Tickets
    Various Artists /Timecode (TCCD030)

  23. 9Lives compiled by Back to Mars
    Various Artists /Sangoma (SANGCD03)

  24. Multi Faith Mantra compiled by sG4rY
    Various Artists /Sangoma (SANGCD02)

  25. Tokoloshe Tales compiled by Daksinamurti & Gata Freak
    Various Artists (Timecode) TCCD028

  26. Arecibo Chronicles Vol.1
    Gata Freak

  27. Gospodin (extended version)
    -Z- (alpha & antagon)

  28. Artifakt and Poizon - Versus
    Timecode (TCCD029)

  29. Kartuxo compiled by Anestetic
    Various Artists / Timecode (TCCD027)

  30. Principles of Flight - Chaos Opera
    Timecode (TCCD026)

  31. Tickets - Dreaming Of Places
    Timecode (TCCD025)

  32. New Blood 2
    Various Artists / Timecode (TCCD024)

  33. Artifakt - The Magus
    Timecode (TCCD023)

  34. Future Cuts compiled by Multistate
    Various Artists /Timecode (TCCD022)

  35. Retrospective Part II
    Various Artists /Timecode (TCCD021)

  36. Retrospective Volume 1
    Various Artists (TCCD020)

  37. Tickets - Timelapse
    Timecode (TCCD019)

  38. Multistate - Collaborating with Machines
    Timecode (TCCD018)

  39. Phyx - Kiss the Blade
    Timecode (TCCD017)

  40. Cryptology
    Various Artists / Timecode (TCCD016)

  41. Twisted System - Core
    Timecode (TCCD015)

  42. Artifakt - Artifakts 2
    Timecode (TCCD014)

  43. Sonic Solutions compiled by Digital Talk
    Various Artists/ Timecode (TCCD013)

  44. Trojan
    Various Artists / Timecode (TCCD012)

  45. The Turning
    Various Artists /Timecode (TCCD011)

  46. New Blood
    Various Artists / Timecode (TCCD10)

  47. Broken
    Various Artists /Timecode (TCCD009)

  48. Twisted System - The Dealers
    Timecode (TCCD08)

  49. Firewall
    Various Artists/ Timecode (TCCD007)

  50. Shift - Redline
    Timecode (TCCD06)

  51. The Encroachment
    Various Artists / Timecode (TCCD005)

  52. Artifakt - Artifakts
    Timecode (TCCD004)

  53. Orbis Tertius
    Various Artists / Timecode (TCCD03)

  54. Timecode: Cipher compiled by Shift and Skragg
    Various (TCCD03)

  55. Encryption
    Various Artists / Timecode (TCCD001)

  56. Dead Star EP
    Concept VS Smashed

  57. Charcoal
    Various (Timecode) TCDIGI001

  58. Corruption EP
    Phyx (Timecode TCDIGI003)

  59. Smash EP
    Principles of Flight (Timecode TCDIGI002)

  60. Sputnik EP
    Principles of Flight (Timecode TCDIGI004)

  61. Triad Part II

  62. Triad Part 1

  63. Panzer Fabrik
    Principles of Flight, Phonic Request

  64. Writer's Block Ep
    Sick Addiction (Timecode TCDIGI006)

  65. Neuromotor - United we Dance (Str3tch rmx) Free DL

  66. The Delta - Thing (Lost & Found remake) - Free DL
    The Delta

  67. Ayne (Free Download)


Timecode/Sangoma Doha, Qatar

The South African Label Timecode Records was established in 2002. Since then has grown into one of the most respected and influential labels on the global trance scene, creating a certain style later labeled as "Twilight" and leading to an explosion in the mid 2000's. Sangoma Recs a sub-label of South Africa’s Timecode Records to release psychedelic music without definitions and boundaries. ... more

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